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Tired of all those remotes lying around your living room? Do you find yourself walking through the house at bedtime turning off lights, checking the doors, and adjusting the temperature before climbing into bed? Ever wonder if you closed the garage door or turned on the alarm when you left the house?

At Bell Integrated Home Solutions, we specialize in delivering one intuitive interface that controls everything with a press of a single button. Imagine a bedside "Goodnight" button that knows exactly what temperature you like, which lights to turn off or leave on, and makes sure the doors are locked and the Garage door is closed.

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A Day in the Life of a Smart Home

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Services - Voice Control

What about an "Entertain" button that adjusts all of the lighting, highlights your art, starts music at just the right levels throughout the house, opens the shades, and makes sure the sprinkler does not turn on while your guests are in the backyard.

Whether you want to use voice commands to ask your smart home to play your favorite song on the porch or to place the house in vacation mode as you leave for the airport. The possibilities are endless and we can make it a reality!