Custom Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Home Cinema is much more than purchasing a large video screen, good speakers, and an amplifier. Over half of the experience lies with the room itself. If you are searching for a custom integration firm that is passionately focused on accurate high-performance audio and video playback in the residential environment, you’ve found us! We take a scientific approach to designing and building listening spaces and our years of experience working with small room acoustics ensures that we will deliver a home cinema experience that will blow you away! Seating, acoustical treatment, lighting, HVAC design, system calibration, and accessibility are all very important parts of the dedicated home cinema experience. Don’t make these important decisions an afterthought.

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Sony 4K HDR Laser Home Theater Projector

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Services - Media Rooms

TV and speakers can blend in and or even disappear into the room when not in use. Our years of experience with motorization, custom color matching, and invisible technologies ensure that you will get the performance that you desire while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home.